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For the development of a region is not merely the responsibility of the government, every single human being should also be involved in creating social welfare and in improving the quality of the community life. Industrial sector is concerned about not only company’s financial records (single bottom line) but also financial, social and environmental aspects (triple bottom line).

PT. Kaltim Methanol, as one of the industries concerned about community development, has been committed to implementing Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) program based on the resources owned by the company. PT. Kaltim Methanol Industri’s CSR programs are now directed to education, health and empowerment of the communities in the surrounding area.

Through the Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) program, the company is expected to:

  1. Establish mutual relationships or interactions with the local community, government and other groups.
  2. Encourage reputation advancement in running the company based on good etiquette.
  3. Demonstrate company’s commitment to maintain respect and trust from related parties.

In regard to the company’s resources, some programs have already been carried out. Some of them are:


Synchronization between

PT.Kaltim Methanol Industry CSR Activity 


Bontang City Vision and Mission

PT.Kaltim Methanol Industri

CSR Activity

Bontang City

Vision and Mission


Donation for Mosque

Mass Circumcision

Bontang beriman ( The Faithful of Bontang )

Foster Parents National Movement ( GN OTA )


English Training

Bontang Cerdas ( The Educated of Bontang )

Blood Donation

Environment Conservation


Bontang Bersih dan Sehat ( The Clean and Healthy of Bontang

Monument Equator Renovation

Bontang Lestari Lake

Orang Utan Conservation

Bontang Indah ( The Beautiful of Bontang / Tourist Destination )

Small scale Economic Empowerment Program :

KMI facilitate training,basic equipment for production,promoting and marketing for the community consists of 30 families at Guntung Village.Now their own small business ( crackers ) and become one of favorite Bontang cullinary.


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