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Health, Safety & Environment

Occupational Health, Safety, and Environment
The implementation of HSE  is one of the strategies to foster a safe, healthy, prosperous workplace and free from occupational accidents, illnesses, and pollutions to increase productivity as stated in State Law No. 1 Year 1970 regulating Occupational Safety.

Accidents occurred in workplaces result in not only life and material losses on both employees and employers, but also interferences on the whole production processes, environmental hazards, and impacts on the community in general.

PT. Kaltim Methanol Industri, in conducting the whole manufacturing activities, always refers to documented procedures describing mechanisms of hazard and environmental aspect identifications, risk assessments and controls, and environmental impacts or their potencies resulting from the process of methanol production which utilizes natural gas.
Routine, non-routine, and personnels activities related to PT. Kaltim Methanol Industri, including subcontractors and guests, are provided with information and are always obliged to conform to effective laws, PT. KMI’s regulations, permits, and other regulations required by national or international standards concerning with quality, occupational health, safety, and environment.

Fire Fighting and Rescue Team
PT. KMI is an asset that must operationally be kept and protected from any possibilities of fire, explosion, occupational accident, pollution, and other detrimental incidents. Preventing the occurrences of those incidents, PT. KMI has formed a special team so-called Fire Fighting & Rescue Team.

Emergency Drill
Prevailing emergency situations, PT KMI through HSE Department, has determined to exercise emergency drills at least six times a year.

Occupational Health, Safety and Environment Committee (HSE Committee)
In order to foster and improve the efforts on occupational health, safety, and environment, the company has established HSE committee responsible for carrying out sustainable and directional HSE programs.

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