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Located in Bontang, East Kalimantan, PT Kaltim Methanol Industry utilizes natural gas, as its raw material, from Badak Gas Field Center supplied by Production Sharing Contractors of Pertamina, namely Total Fina Elf  Indonesie, VICO Indonesia and Chevron.

The first natural gas was piped on January 23rd,  1997 continued with plant commissioning, and then started up on March 31st,  1997. Following the first drop of raw methanol on February 29th, 1998 and Pure Methanol Grade AA (purity min 99,85%) on March 8th, 1998,  the plant commercially began its operation obtaining the installed capacity of 660.000 MTPY on July 29th, 2000.

The technology used is Methanol Synthesis Process with low pressure licensed by Lurgi-Germany.

Broadly speaking methanol process as follows:

Process Technology
PT KMI use low-pressure-synthesis methanol with combined reforming processing technology licensed by Lurgi to produce methanol, which eventually contributes to our goal of producing methanol at competitive cost. 


Manufacturing : Manufacturing

Reforming Unit

1. Desulphurizer

The function is to remove sulfur compounds in natural gas, because sulfur compounds will poison all catalyst in reforming unit also in synthesis methanol. Desulphurizer unit utilizes CoMo and ZnO catalysts with reaction :

       RSH + H2  <--->  RH + H2S         ZnO + H2S <---> ZnS + H2O         H2S + CuO <---> H2S + CuO    

2. Prereformer

This reactor will convert all heavy carbon (C2+) in natural gas, so steam reformer can be operated in lower steam to carbon ratio (~1.9 mole/mole). Nickel-based catalyst is utilized for process below :

       CnHm + nH2O     <--->      nCO + (n+m/2) H2                         CO + H2O           <--->       CO2 + H2

                CO + 3H2          <--->       CH4 + H2O

3. Steam Reformer

The function is to convert methane to CO, CO2 and H2. Nickel-based catalyst is also utilized for process below :

                CH4 + H2O   <--->   CO + 3H2                                    CO + H2O <--->  CO2 + H2

4.  Autothermal Reformer

Rest of methane outlet Steam Reformer and a part of natural gas will be converted to CO, CO2 and H2 with partial oxidation and steam reforming process which is catalyzed by Nickel-based catalyst also

                CH4 + H2O  <--->  CO + 3H2                 CH4 + O  ---->     CO + H2 + H2O

                CO + H2O  <--->  CO2 + H2                  CnHm + (n+m/2)O2    ---->    nCO2 + (m/2)H2O

Methanol Synthesis Unit

This unit converts syngas from Reforming Unit to raw methanol. Conversion processes occur along multi tube reactor catalyzed by Cu and Zn, with reaction below :

                CO   + 2H2  <--->  CH3OH

                CO2 + 3H2  <--->  CH3OH + H2O

(+ Methyl formiate, ethanol and higher alcohols)

Methanol Distillation Unit

This unit consists of three part:

Port and Facilities

To support the methanol loading activities, we have built our own jetty with modern and sophisticated facilities and already accredited No:02-0014-DV based on ISPS Code from Indonesian Government for methanol loading to ship

Jetty Capacity                    : 30,000 DWT

Length of Port                   : 206 meters

Sea Draf                               : 10 meters

Loading Arm Capacity     : 2 arms @ 1,000 MT / hour


Storage Tank

Raw methanol tank

Capacity   : 1 @ 1000 Ton = 1000 Ton


Intermediate methanol tank

Capacity   : 2 @ 1000 Ton = 2000 Ton


Export tank/pure methanol tank

Capacity   : 2 @ 30,000 Ton= 60,000 Ton 

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Jakarta Office

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Bontang Office

PT. Kaltim Methanol Industri,
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