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Vision & Mission

Contributing for Sustainable Energy & A Better Life.  
To become the pre-eminent Methanol supplier in Asian region.
  1. To produce Methanol optimum for customer satisfaction and supported by qualified Human Resources.
  2. Maintaining the continous gas supply, to increase the production capacity and diversify of the downstream products.
Integrity - Loyalty - Professionalism - Team Work – Openness  
Management Policy

PT. Kaltim Methanol Industri as Methanol producer at grade AA product quality which utilize natural gas as raw material, commit to adhere and obeys to all legislation bylaw and standard for safety, health and environment and prioritize to product quality and customer satisfaction.

Henceforth, the Company Board of Director along with all the employees of PT. Kaltim Methanol Industri affirms the commitment to this policy by :

  1. To develop the Company Plan on continuous improvement efforts with orientation to the management system and the performance which always sustain and improve the safety quality, occupational health and environment and the product quality.
  2. To conduct the development of all employee for the ability and competency in executing the job through a directed and continuous program in order to eliminate the possibility of incident, accident, occupational related disease, environment pollution and deviation of the product quality.
  3. To make every effort for the continuous prevention of environment pollutions.
  4. To strive for optimizing the Natural Resources utilization in the Company activities.
  5. To conduct the comprehension of the partners related to the safety, health and environment.
  6. To establish the harmony working relationship among employees, labor associate, partners, Government Institutions and community surrounding the company area.
  7. To implement Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) program in accordance with the Company ability.
  8. To ensure that the production process and supporting materials manufacture of methanol is made from halal.

The Management Policy shall be communicated and socialized to the employee and the parties who concern and shall available for the third parties who considered necessary.

The Management Policy shall be review periodically in accordance with necessity, to maintain the compliance to the Company development as well as business environment beyond the Company.


Bontang, December 1, 2014


Yoshito Suzuki


Share Holder

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